The Nevic Grid is a crystalline grid, similar to the energy grid that existed on Planet Neva in Alpha Centauri (See more: It is a powerful magnetic field that reverberates the crystalline energy of Love, Discipline and Expansion of Learning. It is a magnetism that assists in the development / expansion of intelligence and internal directionality through the clearest internal compass. The Nevic Grid also broadens and strengthens the resolve of new generations in their personal choices and abilities, guiding them to follow their hearts. It also strengthens loving mastery in the hearts of all, especially those born to be at the forefront of certain work so that they may conduct with much Love and Kindness. The Grid will also strengthen Interstellar Portals, avoiding negative interference. The Nevic Grid will begin to be “installed” between the Medium and High Orbits. This Grid will also bring the same spirit as Alpha Centauri's old Planet Neva, merging it with the spirit of the Earth. It will also enable more Star Commanders to fall into physicality, giving them the support they need for their expansions in the coming decades.

There will be 7 seven specific pillars that will be as Grid energy feeders and at the same time feed more directly into physicality more intensely. They will be like conducting wires from the bottom up and the top down, more precisely from the heart of Gaia to the Nevic Grid and vice versa. A beautiful exchange and fusion of energies, while the strengthening of the Nevic Grid happens, also merging its fields to the Gaian (Earth's Gaia) Grid.

These 7 (seven) pillars will always be at many different points around the planet, always changing places from period to period. But one will be fixed on the Magnetic Island (Curitiba / PR - Brazil). The remaining 6 (six) will be “running the world”.

The "build" Status of the Nevic Grid and Abutment Anchoring will be appearing in P1 Notes.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)


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